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Mission Statement

1. Oppose ethnic discrimination and promote equality among all ethnic groups. The Foundation will actively promote and disseminate laws and proposals against discrimination against Asian Americans. Advocate social acceptance and broadmindedness of multiculturalism; advocate ethnic integration, community safety, harmony among community organizations, and mutual learning between Chinese and Western cultures; encourage unity and mutual assistance among Asians, and have the courage to speak out and fight for the protection of the interests of the community and themselves; and actively participate in public welfare activities to help defenseless groups.

2. Commit to promoting the "Our Story" special issue. The Foundation will objectively and informatively record the selfless dedication, history, and journey of the Asian American community and individual achievements to society, especially the contemporary Chinese community.

3. Encourage Chinese youth to serve the community and promote cultural inheritance. The Foundation will actively support young people of Chinese descent to understand and learn excellent Traditional Chinese culture, serve the society, and be proud of their identity of embracing Chinese and Western cultures!

4. Commit to promoting and maintaining commercial economy, trade, and cultural exchanges for mutual benefit and benefit to society between the US and China.

Introduction to the CAF Foundation

The Chinese American Federation has been looking forward to the establishment of the CAF Foundation for many years. In August 2017, under the countless effort of Jimmy Wang , then president of the Foundation, Joy Pan, then president of the UZCCA, and with the strong support of Li Sher, then president of the Chinese American Federation, the CAF Foundation was successfully registered as a non-profit organization in California 501c(3), with a tax exemption number EIN #82-2619043, Organization Number 4055204.

As Congresswoman Judy Chu stated in a congratulatory letter: "There has never been a more important time for an organization such as the Chinese American Foundation to be in existence. In the past two years, not only have Asian American communities experienced anti-Asian hate incidents, but the increased focus on China as an enemy of the United States has also amplified the atmosphere of xenophobia and encouraged more violence. It is only with the dedicated commitment of the Foundation to combat discrimination, promote justice and encourage cultural understanding, can hate against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities be stopped.”

Therefore, as we warmly celebrate Asian American Heritage Month, the CAF Foundation has specially selected the Asian American Heritage Month in May to launch a series of columns in www.cafoundations.org : Our Story/Anti-Discrimination Protection / Asian Historical Outlook / Cultural Heritage / Youth Program, etc. We hope to promote the self-identity of Asian Americans and establish the image of Asian Americans by telling "Our Stories" and series of columns to tell the stories and cultural inheritance of Asian Americans. In this way, we share the contribution of Asian American groups to society in various fields and the spirit of unremitting efforts to struggle; and advocate the importance of social acceptance and broadmindedness of multiculturalism and cultural inheritance in the way of telling "our story". To achieve mutual learning between Chinese and Western cultures, ethnic integration and community harmony, we encourage Asian Americans to actively care about social public issues by telling "our story", help the public welfare activities of defenseless groups, unite and help each other, and have the courage to speak out and fight for the protection of the interests of the community and themselves, and oppose discrimination!

We will work in accordance with the purpose and aspirations of the CAF Foundation, and we welcome like-minded people to join us in our public welfare activities.

CAF Foundation